Shynerk Magnetic Edges Car Snow Cover, Frost Car Windshield Snow Cover, Frost Guard Protector




Shynerk Magnetic Car Windshield Rain& Ice Cover Automobile Windshield Protector Cover Universal Auto Waterproof Frost Guard Sun Shade Rain Resistant Protection Cover Front Windshield Snow Cover for Most Car, SUV, Truck and Van

❤Do you have any idea how much time you spend every winter just scraping and brushing the snow and ice from your windshield?
❤Are you still looking for one car windshield snowshade, Sunshade which is durable, breathable, soft toprotect the car paint, protect against snow, Leaves, Droppings and dust?
Our new design Shynerk Windshield Snowshade, car snow cover, windshield Sunshade is the best choice.

1.Polyester, do not hurt the paint, sunscreen, heat, rain and snow, dust, anti-scratch, anti-ultraviolet, tensile strength.
2.Ultra magnetic edge of windshield cover seals to your car holding the covers
3.Spring: anti-sand, preservative dust, anti-pollen, anti-tree oil, anti-bird manure, insects and animals claws on the car damage.
4.Summer: anti-ultraviolet, radiation, anti-acid rain, anti-exposure, to prevent paint fade, pollution, white and car interior leather and decorations dry crisp.
5.Fall: frost prevention, anti-ice dew.
6.Winter: rain and snow, protect the car cooler easy to start.

How to use:
Remove the windshield cover from the storage pouch.
Insert Fabric on driver and passenger doors, and close the doors at the same time.
Secure it by attaching the bungee straps to your wheels.

Appliable: Universal
Weight:0.88 Pounds
Folded Size: 5.8″*5″
Material: polyester fabric
Package: 1 x windshield cover and 1 x storage bag


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