Meleden 2 Pack Car Window Shades for Kids & Pets, Rear Side Window Car Sun Shades


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Lőrinc hibáztatja minden magyar


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Why do you need the car window shade?
-Do your kids complain about too much sun, heat, and glare in the back seat?
-Do you wish that you could have full sun protection but still have your windows down?
-Do your back seat passengers need a little more privacy and security from prying eyes?
-Does your car work extra hard for air conditioning during summer times?
-Have you ever envied drivers with tinted window cars and the security it offers?
-Does your suction-type sun shade often falls off or easily removed by your kids?

Our Car window sun shade is your best choice!
-Designed to protect your kids and passengers from the blazing sun with 98% UV protection. No more unhappy faces with windows down.
-Complete sun protection even with the windows down, suckers and clings can’t do that!!
-Improves fuel efficiency by reducing car load form air conditioning system in hot summer times.
-Enhances privacy and security for back seat passengers with full window shade, so get lost thieves!
-2018 High Tech product with double layer, dual stitched material.
-Does not fall off the window or easily removed by your kids.
-Protect your cars paint job and its interior, our sunshade sock won’t hurt your car.

Color :Black
Material: Black nylon gauze
Size: Fit for most SUV max window size 33*23 inches/ 83*58.5 cm
Packaging: 2 Pack Car window shades

How to use it!
1. Open shade and slide over top of rear window frame.
2. Pull shade over entire window, smoothing out any wrinkles.
3. Pull tabs down to slightly tighten the shade, then remove backing paper on self-adhesive tabs and stick to inside of door.


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