CAR Side Window Sun Shade (2 Pack) | Protects Your Babies and Kids from The Sun/UV Rays




Size:Jungle normal Cars/Small SUV

Why buy ATK Car Sun Shade? Top company with years of experience and knowledge in sun protection. Reduces temperature of car interior. Absorbs 84% of harmful rays, providing UV protection. Completely covers the rear window providing maximum shade for your baby. Quick and easy to install and remove. Children cannot remove shade while driving. Enables opening of car window allowing fresh air flow. Passengers enjoy watching media without sun glare. Quality stretchy material can be stretched to cover entire window. Universal-fits most cars and vehicles. IMPORTANT: These sun shades are the best option when providing shade for kids and babies in the car, please be aware they may reduce visibility or not fit as in picture.  Our aim is to solve the harsh sun problem and provide maximum shade at a minimum cost and that we can guarantee. Not for cars with sliding doors or without door frames. So, here’s what you’ll get from us: ✓ 2 Premium Quality Car Window Shades/1 set – Fully protect your child and pets from sun and heat in the car! ✓ Money-back Guarantee – If you have any problems, please contact the email that comes with the product for any question or service. Enjoy!!! Click ☆Add to Cart☆ button NOW


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